Bansuri is one of the most simple instruments in structure yet has endless musical possibilities. As well as Indian music the Bansuri can be used in almost any genre. Bansuri is a highly portable instrument and perfect for playing alone as well as in ensembles.

Bansuri is taught by Jason Kalidas (from Varanasi Gharana of Bansuri in North Indian music methodology and can be taken at any level including complete beginners.

For absolute beginners in music the Indian system is a more natural and clear way to learn, as opposed to western music. Indian music begins from the very basics of sound and works up, giving minimal theory until necessary.

North Indian music theory.
Raaga is the science of  melody and Talla the science of rhythm.
Theory lessons are available for students who wish music to incorporate Indian music principles into there instruments/ art forms.

These topics are obviously incorporated into Bansuri and Tabla tuition.

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